Updates (1/2): Ithaca, NY


After 9 months in NYC and Ithaca I am back in Berlin and slowly readjusting to shorter working days and longer commutes. Abroad, most of my time went into writing up my dissertation. However here and there I found time for some other things as well:

In February I was invited as a guest speaker to Jennifer Minner’s (Cornell) graduate seminar on “cities, place, technology” and spoke about the datafication of urban governance in NYC. Later that month Leonhard Dobusch (University of Innsbruck) presented our joint paper on organizational boundaries at the German Meeting for Organization Studies (WK ORG) at the University of Zürich.

In April I visited Chile and presented a paper on “cities as strategic action fields” at the Latinamerican and European Meeting on Organization Studies (LAEMOS) at Adolfo Ibáñez University in Viña del Mar. Thanks to Juliane Jarke (University of Bremen) and Raoni Rajão (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais) I could present my work at a track dedicated explicitly to phenomenons of organizational openness.

Inspired by Frederike Kaltheuner’s (University of Amsterdam) Tech Book Club Berlin I started a similar group at the local maker space Ithaca Generator. We managed to meet three times and read Orit Halpern’s “Beautiful data”, Judy Wajcman’s “Pressed for time“ and a number of newspaper columns by Evgeny Morozov. During the spring term, I  complemented these readings and joined Malte Ziewitz’s (Cornell) amazing STS graduate seminar on “technologies of valuation”.

From 7th to 9th of July I will present a refined version of my paper from Chile at the EGOS meeting in Naples (Sub-theme 56: Organizing in the Shadow of Sharing). From 5th to 9th August I will be able to present our work on organizational boundaries at the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management in Anaheim, California (OMT Division).